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CLEANWOODCO2 is an environmental non-profit -organization dedicated to lower the environmental impact caused by human activities, implementing different measures in order to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and CO2 sequestration through reforestation of new land.

What do we believe in?

  • We believe that the preservation of biological diversity, ecosystem is critical for human survival;
  • We believe that a healthy environment provides us clean air and water, fertile soil and a stable climate;
  • We believe that planting trees and planting new forests is crucial for life.

Through reforestation we not only obtain CO2 sequestration, but we bring added value to the area of the plantation, maximizing the benefits of biodiversity, water resources and soil conservation.

Besides reforestation our organization is focused to help the local communities to improve their income through planting trees that are suitable for their needs for example: acacia tree. Acacia trees help local beekeepers raise the quantity of honey production, enabling them to develop small businesses that could solve the village low incomes and lower the local unemployment rate.

We believe that caring about environment is caring about our children's future.