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On Sunday, March 21, 2021, on the occasion of the International Day of Forests, we organized an educational event. Peter Pan Forest Kids Kindergarten or forest kindergarten as it is also known, near Targu Mures, is the place where children and nature speak the same language. It is the magical place where children develop in accordance with nature, the place where they are allowed to experience life from an early age.

The term forest kindergarten refers to those preschool centers that deal with children outdoors, in the forest or in nature, every day, regardless of the weather. Children move, play and grow naturally outdoors – they are not closed within four walls, becoming environmentally conscious and responsible from an early age. Their need for movement creates space for them, being able to express their curiosity and even experience it through the desire to know. During this time they develop physically and mentally and widen their understanding.

The values of Peter Pan Kindergarten encouraged us to support them in their quest for transforming the garden situated behind the kindergarten, into a forest garden. The forest garden is a garden created on the principles of permaculture, both fruit trees and forest trees are planted, in a scheme that helps their growth and development as a whole. This forest garden concept was guided by Radu Craciun from the Romanian Association of Permaculture, a meeting facilitated by Slow Food Targu Mures, through Claudia Ranja. With their guidance, we were able to implement this concept. Thanks again and we hope to inspire as many schools and kindergartens as possible to apply this concept.

Parents and children have managed to do something rarely encountered nowadays: to slow down the accelerated rate of work and focus on the slower rate but with children full of wonder! Together we planted many forest trees, fruit trees and shrubs, thinking of a sustainable future, a future in which the environment is in the foreground.

The atmosphere created there was AMAZING! As the images speak, the joy and enthusiasm was seen from young, old and everyone in between!

Slowly, with a lot of determination, a mini forest garden has been created which will be enjoyed many years before the next generations that will cross the threshold of the Forest Kindergarten of Tofalau, near Targu Mures.

The result can be seen in the picture below 

Best regards,

CleanWood CO2 Team


Galerie foto

PS. We thank to the partners for their support in the implementation of this project!

Grădinița Peter Pan Forest Kids
Asociația de Permacultura din Romania
Asociația Slow Food Tg. Mures
Direcția Silvică Mureș

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