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35 lei(7 EURO / per Unit)

With this package you can compensate your annual CO2 emissions. With the help of an online Co2 emission calculator you can calculate your personal Co2 footprint by entering the required information on the type of fuel used for heating, electrical appliances used, consumption habits, etc.

In the European Union the CO2 emissions per capita in the EU27 + UK were 6.47 tons (2019).

  • The CO2 emissions per capita in Romania were 4.04 tons (2019).
  • The CO2 emissions per capita in Germany were 8.52 tons (2019).

*Source: For CO2 emissions per capita for other countries see the same source.

With the CLIMATE package of 4 trees you can compensate about 4 tons of CO2 (1 tree absorbs  ̴ 1 ton of CO2 – calculated over the life of a tree – about 80 years). The 4 tons of CO2 footprint corresponds to the CO2 emissions per capita in Romania. If you live in Germany, the CO2 emission is double if we take into account the above reasoning.

This package is addressed to a single family member in Romania. Purchasing the package for more family members will have the effect of increasing Co2 uptake and will help improve the quality of the air we breathe.

After the order you will receive via email a certificate in PDF format through which we confirm the purchase of the seedlings to be planted. This certificate will contain information on the CO2 footprint offset by this package and the names of the people for whom the package was purchased.

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Choose this package and contribute directly to our reforestation projects in Mures County, Romania.

The price of 16 trees includes the costs of propagating material, planting and maintenance work: loosening of the soil *, additions ** and weeding ***, as well as monitoring for a minimum period of 4 years.

*LOOSENING OF THE SOIL – the activity that helps to loosen the soil is performed on the surface of the land with the help of the hoe. This facilitates aeration, prevents the loss of water from soil and contributes to the destruction of weeds.

**ADDITIONS – dried seedlings that did not resist weathering are replaced with new seedlings.

*** WEEDING – the activity of removing the grassy and woody species around the seedlings is carried out at the beginning of summer (June).


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