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To date, we have completed planting on 3 hectares of land in Suplac, Mures County.

In spring 2016, we started our second afforestation project on a new land located in Suplac, Mures County. The land, which is 3 hectares in size, was highly degraded so repair work was highly recommended. We began with soil analysis and, together with the help of local forestry department; we established a planting process formed by 15,000 seedlings of oak, acacia and wild cherry.

The planting took place in two stages; the first was carried out with a team of forest specialists and the second – which took place on April 22nd to mark Earth Day – with a group of student volunteers focused on the process and hard work involved in planting the seedlings correctly.

o date, we have completed planting on 3 hectares of land in Suplac, Mures County. We have also managed to plant 30,000 seedlings on 6 hectares of land. The planting work aside, there is a need for various maintenance work to be carried out in order to ensure that the seedlings survive harsh weather conditions and finally grow by themselves.

During each season, a team of forest specialists verify the conditions of the planted seedlings, identify where maintenance work is needed, and carry out the duties listed below as required.

DIGGING – work that helps loosen the soil; it is executed at the ground surface by using the screed. This helps to ventilate the soil, prevents moisture loss and helps take away the plants that can suffocate the seedlings.

COMPLETION – dry seedlings that did not survive the weather are replaced with new seedlings.

DECOPLESIREA – helps take away the plants that can suffocate and shade the seedlings. This work is performed in early summer.

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Suplac, Mures County

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Through reforestation we not only obtain CO2 sequestration, but we bring added value to the area of the plantation, maximizing the benefits of biodiversity, water resources and soil conservation.

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CLEANWOODCO2organization enables both individuals and companies to participate in building up new forest and reducing Global warming and building up of new forest. We believe that caring about environment is caring about our children’s future.

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