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This summer we started the maintenance work for our 6 hectares of land that we planted this year and last year.

The Suplac land had a major intervention because the vegetation in this area exceeded 1 meter length. Besides the digging of the soil, we had to make a overwhelmed work that took away the plants that can suffocate the seedlings.

Spring and summer rain brought some negative aspects, the exceeded vegetation involved high and intense efforts to be removed. Anyway, the positive points are a lot higher because the rain supported the good development of the seedlings, a lot better comparing to the last year seedlings development, a period we had to deal with drought.

At the end of the summer we would start again these maintenance activities in order to help seedlings development and to avoid the suffocation caused by the plants surrounding. Oak and acacia seedlings planted in this area had developed very well, only the 400 seedlings of hazelnut didn’t survive the soil and weather conditions.

Our first planted land located in Laslaul Mare, Mures County, had gone through the similar maintenance work, only here we had less work because the vegetation wasn’t so abundant. The seedlings have a good development; minimum 95% have survived so far.

We are waiting for you to visit our planted areas, the ones that can help us with maintenance work, are welcomed to write us an email:

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Laslaul Mic, Mures County and Suplac, Mures County
Maintenance work

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