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Afforestation project Laslaul Mic, Mures County; Afforestation project Suplac, Mures County
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The saplings grow very well, grow and are more resistant.

The 6 ha of land afforested by our association have entered the phase of maintenance works. In addition to soil mobilization, which helps to loosen the soil, we have also done weeding operations, by which weeds shadowing and suppressing the saplings were removed. Saplings are developing and growing very well, and are more and more resistant.

Below we present a briefing on the situation of saplings planted in the previous years.

  • Afforestation project of Laslaul Mic, Mureș County;

This project enters its 4th year, the afforested area has 3 ha, with acacia saplings. The saplings grow more slowly due to a higher degree of land degradation. Although their growth is slow, the saplings are strong and have survived so far without needing additions.

  • Afforestation project of Suplac, Mureș County;

This project enters its 2nd year, the afforested area has 3 ha, with acacia and oak saplings. The acacia saplings have developed much better than in Laslaul Mic, here the soil is of better quality. The oak saplings are growing, but of course much slower than the acacia ones. In the case of both species, soil and weather conditions, combined with periodic maintenance works, have created a favourable environment for a good development, being ahead of the first plantation.

If deemed necessary, at the end of the summer we will intervene again with these maintenance works to help the saplings to settle and remove the danger of suppression by the abundant vegetation.

At this time, we are looking for new land that we can afforest. We are open to collaborating with local authorities who have land they do not use and want to capitalize it by creating forests. Our focus is to identify larger areas of land, and then launch other voluntary afforestation projects.

You are welcome to visit the two areas, and if you can give us a hand, please contact us by email at:, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

With all our consideration for nature,

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Laslaul Mic, Mures County and Suplac, Mures County
Maintenance work

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