Charity bazaar 2023

Charity bazaar 2023

Tremendous joy at the last Vintage Bazar Mureș event; warm October days helped us to hold this event outdoors at Uzina Foto Tg. Mureș. The chosen location is a special one. Before the 1990s, this place produced photosensitive images and films, famous throughout the country. Since 2016, Uzina Foto has turned into an alternative cultural center, a place where artists can express themselves freely.

What is Vintage Bazar Mureș?

Vintage Bazar Mureș is a colorful place where old objects are brought to life, sometimes as simple components that can be used daily, and sometimes as pieces of history or urban art—where diversity, creativity, and goodwill guide us towards sustainable alternatives and responsible consumption.

What are the main objectives of Vintage Bazar Mureș?

Environmental and educational: reducing the impact on the environment by encouraging the reuse of products and reducing consumption and the amount of waste by reusing/extending the life cycle.

Creative recycling workshops

Peter Pan Forest Kids made the event more beautiful by creating creative workshops with natural materials, to the delight of the little ones and their parents. Because it is important to instill in children from a very young age, care for the environment and nature, we wanted to have such guests, who practice a pedagogy that centers the child in the middle of nature.

In addition to natural materials workshops, mother Lenke and her daughter, Jazmin, showed the children how to reuse old textiles and give them a new life, making a textile door stopper. With needle and thread, accompanied by their parents, the children managed to learn something new, both practical and above all to understand the importance of reusing and transforming waste into new objects.

The adults were not left out and could participate in an ECO print workshop with Eniko. Various plants were printed on pieces of material from textile waste, turning them into unique artistic creations.

Flea market/Talcioc

An animated market of newer or older objects, the place where we encouraged reuse, extending the life cycle of products and reducing the consumption of low-cost products with a significant impact on the environment. Participants were adults and children, who had surplus clothes and old objects: second-hand, vintage, or antiques to capitalize on them or exchange them with other participants.


Divers non-profit organization from Tg. Mureș joined us this year, and together we collected donations in objects that we exhibited during the event to raise funds to support the causes of the NGOs involved, and the remaining ones were given to the beneficiaries of the social programs of the organizations in the local community.

Clean Cloths Campaign Romania presented on the first day of the event a  documentary film about the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment and the social inequities within the textile industry in the world, but also in Romania.

Library of Târgu Mures– that brought old books and read old stories for adults and children.

The Petru Maior College from Reghin participated with a group of volunteers dedicated to the creative workshops and contributed to the realization of the first day of the event, actively participating in all the activities.

Mihai Eminescu Pedagogical College from Tg. Mureș contributed a considerable team of volunteers who participated during the 3 days of the event, actively participating in all activities.

The National College of Art from Tg. Mureș participated with volunteers in the creative activities, making their workshop with textile waste. The list of people who supported this event is very long: NGOs, teachers, artists, students, parents, and people from the local and national media, each contributing to the coagulation of a community that wants to find alternatives to responsible consumption. We thank everyone because every little gesture made this event a real success!

Special thanks to @Uzina Foto Târgu Mureș, a place we recommend when you want to visit the city or when you want to spend a weekend in Mureș urban culture.

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