A new afforestation project 2020

A new afforestation project 2020

At the beginning of the year we managed to acquire a land of 5 hectare, in order to be able to start an afforestation project with European funds.

2020 was a different year for many of us, it stopped us a little from this continuous running and for some of us it may have been a reset moment, of a better awareness of the really important things. Nature has given us signals for several years to change something in our hurried lives, with focus on consumption, to have more and more, but in a paradoxical manner, we lose more and more. We hope that 2020 is going to be a wake-up call for all of us, but especially for the attention paid to the environment, to be more aware of it and to concentrate on changing something for the years to come.

Change begins with us, when I think twice about buying something that may be useless and is made of a hard degradable material, when I think about encouraging and practicing selective recycling and last but not least when I think about planting a tree. The list goes on with what I eat, with what are the means of transport I use, absolutely everything related to CO2 footprint, for which each of us is responsible. We therefore hope that 2020 is going to be the year of impetus that will position us towards a new reality.

For the CleanWood CO2 Association, 2020 should have been a year of relaunch, a resumption of afforestation projects with volunteers, but unfortunately these were not possible. We continued the activity of verification and maintenance of the 2 plantations in Suplac and Laslaul Mic. Both projects are in progress, at Suplac we are already talking about a forest of 3 hectare, and in Laslau we tried to have a contribution in seedling development. Due to the very steep slope, the water fails to stay in the soil, which caused a stagnation in the seedling development. This year we made larger terraces in Laslau and this can help the seedlings to grow. We will closely monitor their evolution and if necessary we will add a natural fertilizer, a solution proposed by the team of foresters.

At the beginning of the year we managed to acquire a land of 5 hectare, in order to be able to start an afforestation project with European funds. In 2020, the main focus was on the drafting of the file regarding Sub-Measure 8.1 “Afforestation and creation of woodland purpose” within NRDP 2014-2020. We had field inspections and numerous approvals from various public institutions: Apia, Forest Guard, County Council, Environment Agency, and we will develop a technical project for afforestation. In the spring of 2021 we should have an answer regarding the result obtained, we hope it will be a positive one.

Next year we will be looking for other lands that we can purchase, and later to afforest them by accessing European funds. This goal is not easy to reach, but we have the perseverance and enthusiasm to succeed. We hope that from next year we will resume the afforestation actions with volunteers and we are open to new partnerships with companies or public institutions, for any ideas do not hesitate to contact us on cleanwood.org@gmail.com

See you soon and in good health condition for as many afforestation actions as possible!

With love of green,

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Danes, Mures County
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Through reforestation we not only obtain CO2 sequestration, but we bring added value to the area of the plantation, maximizing the benefits of biodiversity, water resources and soil conservation.

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CLEANWOODCO2organization enables both individuals and companies to participate in building up new forest and reducing Global warming and building up of new forest. We believe that caring about environment is caring about our children’s future.

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Each person is responsible for CO2 emission through the activities they normally do during the day: driving a car, taking a flight, cooking on the stove etc. Each activity that involves the consumption of energy would finally have a certain emission of CO2.

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