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Afforestation project Laslaul Mic, Mures County
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Our first afforestation project will take place over a period of 4 years!

After more than a year of searching a suitable land for planting trees, we are happy to announce you that our organisation found the first local partner, Suplac Hall City in Mures County. They offered us 3 ha of land where we are going to plant acacia tree. Through afforestation, our organisation would be able to fulfil the main objective of reducing the greenhouse effect through CO2 sequestration. More than that out project would have an impact in the regeneration of deteriorated local land. We consider this partnership a good start for our CO2 sequestration project, we want to make it successful and have other local partners involved in the years to come.

First stage: autumn 2014, we would plant 5000 pieces of acacia trees together with forestry specialists and volunteers. In this first stage we are looking for volunteers open to practically learn about the plantation process. If you are interested to learn and lead a team, to teach other volunteers in the second part of the project, come and join us by writing us an email:

Second stage: spring 2015, we would plant 10.000 pieces of acacia trees together with forestry specialists and volunteers.During the time of the 4 years we would have different maintenance activities of the plantation that are essential for installation of the new forest.
Come and join us, whether you come as a volunteers or just a simple supporter, spread the information about our project to all your friends!

During 1.09.14-30.10.14 , cour organisation is looking for volunteers. Take this advantage and make a good experience that is more and more appreciated in the future career. Email us your intention:

Let’s get involved in the community!

Let’s be more responsible!

Project details

Laslaul Mic, Mures County
1ha, 5.000 seedlings

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Through reforestation we not only obtain CO2 sequestration, but we bring added value to the area of the plantation, maximizing the benefits of biodiversity, water resources and soil conservation.

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CLEANWOODCO2organization enables both individuals and companies to participate in building up new forest and reducing Global warming and building up of new forest. We believe that caring about environment is caring about our children’s future.

Do you want to reduce your CO2 footprint?

Each person is responsible for CO2 emission through the activities they normally do during the day: driving a car, taking a flight, cooking on the stove etc. Each activity that involves the consumption of energy would finally have a certain emission of CO2.

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