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We believe that planting trees and planting new forests is crucial for life.

CLEANWOODCO2 organization aims to get together civilians, companies, local authorities in order to make possible tree plantation and growing of new forests, which will allow the CO2 sequestration.

In the first step of the project Clean Wood would work together with a board of specialists in planting that would have the main objective to offer practical support to the voluntary team. The specialists` know-how will be transferred to the volunteers in order to achieve the best result in the plantations.

Below you will find step by step information of the project.

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Through reforestation we not only obtain CO2 sequestration, but we bring added value to the area of the plantation, maximizing the benefits of biodiversity, water resources and soil conservation.

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CLEANWOODCO2organization enables both individuals and companies to participate in building up new forest and reducing Global warming and building up of new forest. We believe that caring about environment is caring about our children’s future.

Do you want to reduce your CO2 footprint?

Each person is responsible for CO2 emission through the activities they normally do during the day: driving a car, taking a flight, cooking on the stove etc. Each activity that involves the consumption of energy would finally have a certain emission of CO2.

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